Bricks by the Sea 2023-24

The Future Cracker by Shawn

Town Layout by all

Wannabe Collab by Owen & Shawn

Brick Wizardry by Zach

Owen's Village

Owen's Waterfront

Owen's City

Owen's World

Build Lang Syne

For 20 years, Bricks by the Sea has been the premier LEGO®  Event in Halifax. An annual extravaganza of original brick creations alongside an unbelievable array of retail sets, sprinkled with a bit of seasonal magic!

Debuting at the Dartmouth Sportplex in 2003, moving to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and now calling the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History home, the Bricks by the Sea show has been the passion project of Owen Grace and his team of friends. Owen's passion has been the foundation for the existence of the Maritime LEGO®  Users Group (MariLUG) which has gone on to do so many other great events around the region.

This year is a little different... A bigger investment from MariLUG AND we've invited some friends from across Canada to sent us some of their pieces to be included as well!

A feature of this event were Nutcrackers from across Canada to the display! Including an utterly amazing rendition of the local Christmas spirit themself... Woody the Christmas Tree!

There were be trains and lights and planes and knights! Wizards with cheese and birds on plumb trees!

*The show ran from Nov. 25, 2023, until Jan. 13, 2024!

Woody and Pearl by Trevor

Snowscape by 'The Kids'

Strange Adventures on loan

NB Southern by Patrick


Museum of Natural History

1747 Summer St.

Halifax, N.S.