MariLUG Leadership

MariLUG is led by an Executive Committee made up of four positions elected by Active Members on an annual basis. These four roles are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Together, the Executive Committee works to guide MariLUG toward success!

The Executive Committee is supported by a Support Committee made up of volunteer members appointed to help keep MariLUG running smoothly. The Support Committee includes both long-term roles (such as Social Media Manager, Webmaster, and Event Manager) and short-term roles filled on an as-needed basis (such as Event Coordinator and Electoral Administrator). Support Committee roles can be filled by a member of the Executive Committee, and it is possible for one person to fill multiple roles on the Support Committee.

For more information on the Executive and Support Committees, see our Bylaws.

Our Executive Committee


Patrick Bourgoin

Vice President &
LAN Ambassador

Shawn McLeod


Lori Harraway


Trevor Benoit


Sam Chute

Social Media

Trevor Pearson-Jones

Support Committee

An Event Coordinator is appointed to organize each MariLUG event. This position is event-specific and fulfills a term ending with the conclusion of the relevant event.

An Electoral Administrator is appointed before the annual Executive Election, and is responsible for organizing and carrying out the election in a fair, transparent, and unbiased manner.