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Nutracker collab

Fisherman Nutcracker
by MariLUG member Trevor Pearson-Jones @moptoptrev

A little nutty

In the fall of 2023, the Maritime Lego User Group (MariLUG) extended an invitation to fellow Lego enthusiasts from across Canada. Their mission? To participate in the captivating winter exhibition known as “Bricks by the Sea.” This creative extravaganza unfolded within the hallowed halls of the Natural History Museum in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The event spanned from late November 2023 to early January 2024, filling the museum with an enchanting display. The challenge posed to other Lego User Groups (LUGs) was simple yet delightful: craft brick-built Nutcrackers that would become part of this festive showcase.

And what returned to MariLUG was nothing short of magical—an array of eighteen Nutcrackers, each one a testament to the imagination and craftsmanship of LUG members from coast to coast across Canada. These whimsical creations stood tall, representing the collaborative spirit of Lego enthusiasts united by their love for the iconic toy bricks.

Thanks to the Participants from:
- VLC - Vancouver LEGO  Club
- SALUG - Southern Alberta LEGO Club
- TOROLUG - Toronto LEGO User Group
- MariLUG - Maritime LEGO Users Group
- NewfoundLUG - Newfoundland LEGO User Group

Project organized by MariLUG Member Shawn McLeod, who made the 'Ghost of Christmas Future Cracker'