Builder Showcase
at mic mac mall

Theatre by Alex

Mosaics by Nola

Beasts by Trevor

Boats by Owen

Modulars from Owen

Treats from Trevor

Shoelaces from Shawn

Wizardry from Zach

public SHowcase

When offered an opportunity to show off our creations, MariLUG has a hard time saying no. So when the Mic Mac Mall offered us a premier location in one of Nova Scotia's most popular destination locations, we jumped at it!

This display specifically was aiming to showcase our best MOCs, with a few traditional sets included for good measure.

Over 15,000 patrons of the mall took time to check out the display over the 3 weeks it was up!

Trevor starting the setup

Lori fixing up the Dioramas

Shawn & Zach hamming

Baha Documenting

Delicate Tasks!

Sometimes things tumble...

Then it comes apart...

And boxed up for next time!